Corporate Clients

Using acknowledged expertise and experience, Critical Point specialises in consulting and  professional advisory input on all aspects of medical nutrition therapy and related knowledge domains. Critical Point offers a flexible, innovative and highly customised problem-solving approach to create and protect value for your business, and quality service for your clients.  

Hospitals and facilities

Critical Point consults to hospitals and health facilities to leverage value related to medical nutrition therapy, including

  • Expert advice on clinical cases
  • Operational support for your clinical unit
  • Clinical care solutions
  • Quality metrics auditing
  • Leveraging cost-savings

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Healthcare Industry

Critical Point offers a wide range of scientific and medical affairs solutions to corporate clients in the healthcare sector.

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Training institutions

Did you know?

Critical Point can partner with universities throughout Africa to bring virtual and in-person medical nutrition content and teaching to your healthcare students.

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Scientific Support

  • Scientific evidence summary and review
  • Literature support for sales teams and clients
  • Scientific writing (brochures, promotional material)
  • Development of educational materials
  • Evidence for product innovation and strategy planning
  • Emerging trend reporting
  • Evidence-based business decision-making

Clinical Support

  • Support for product application in the field
  • Interpretation of clinical evidence
  • Creation and expansion of product niche
  • Clinical support services for your clients
  • Scientifically based clinical opinions
  • Definitions of clinical problems driving product development


  • Customised medical nutrition training
  • Various formats (lectures, talks, workshops)
  • Target audience: sales teams, health professionals and health sector clients
  • Basic to masterclass levels


  • Contribution to medical nutrition policy
  • Input into regulatory frameworks
  • Product positioning


  • Generation of local data
  • Study design and development
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Compliance, regulatory and QA
  • All aspects of research project management

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